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SketchSynth - A drawable OSC control panel My final project for Golan Levin’s Interactive Art and Computational Design class at CMU, Spring 2012. Built with openFrameworks, ofxCv, OSC, and Pure Data. More info: http://bit.ly/1ryfcBQ Behind-the-scenes view: http://bit.ly/1xvGMof Source code: http://bit.ly/1ryfadn Music: ioflow - mnml autmn Thanks to Golan Levin, the CMU Art Department (Bob Kollar), and Nick Mazurek for lending me equipment for the project and the video. Also, thanks to Kyle McDonald for his excellent ofxCv addon, which makes it incredibly easy to work with OpenCV inside openFrameworks.

(hint, kicks in around 0:40…) custom software alters a video signal in real time, creating the illusion that drawn forms come off the page. the goal is to create an organic performance of hand and ink. this was originally created as a performance, but this version is an installation for visitors to try. http://bit.ly/1ryf9WT